Our know-how, combined with the right equipment, promises the best quality.That is why we rely on Weldotherm heat treatment systems for resistance and inductive heat treatments for our operations. With our equipment, we can optimally handle all projects flexibly and designed for the customer's individual general conditions. The high standards of the equipment both technically in the execution and the high performance availability guarantee a smooth heat treatment process.Almost any component - regardless of its geometry and environmental conditions - can be heat treated with our equipment, heating mats, thermocouples, temperature recorders and other necessary accessories.

Resistance heat treatment units

Power: 12 – 288 kW
Primary input: 400V (63-188A)
Control voltage: 230V at 50Hz
Primary connection: 4x6mm² (32A) – 4x185mm²(440A)
Program controller: 2 – 12
No. of control circuits (cc): 2 – 12
Switching current per cc: 90A – 360A

Induction heat treatment units

Power: 40 – 160 kW
Primary input: 400V (63-250A)
Primary connection: 4x16mm² directly
Max. tension to inductor: 500VAC/1000VAC
Secondary power: max. 400A/750A/900A/1000A
Frequency range: 3 – 18 kHz
Sound level: <70dB

Gas heat treatment units

Primary control voltage: 240V
Primary input (ventilator input): 400V – 16A
Input pressure: 3 – 5 Bar
Operating pressure: 0,2 Bar
Heating medium: natural gas | propane gas
Power output: natural gas 1000 kW | propane gas 800 kW
Consumption: natural gas 5-100m³/h | propane gas 1,5 – 30m³/h
Max. temp: 1200°C

Hybrid temperature recorder

12 channels
Input voltage: 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
Documentation both on paper (analogue) and SD card (digital)
Flexible use according to your needs
Can be used as additional temperature recorder

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