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About Us

Whether special thermal engineering tasks or the annealing and preheating of standard girth welds: Everything is in the best hands with the experienced specialists of Weldotherm Wärmetechnischer Dienst GmbH! Whether it is the heat treatment of small components with program-controlled resistance annealing systems, the annealing of immobile large components or the drying out of brick linings. We regard each of your requirements as a challenge to be solved carefully, quickly, reliably and fairly. If necessary, we also make the impossible possible!

Weldotherm Wärmetechnischer Dienst was first established in 1974, merged into the WELDOTHERM GmbH in 1975 as a department for carrying out heat treatment works, and was again established as an independent company in 1995.

In the course of this long period of time, Weldotherm Wärmetechnischer Dienst experienced the great era of new nuclear power plant constructions, many new conventional power plants, many plants of the petrochemical and chemical industry that were newly built and also demanding constructions of the nautical industry.

All well-known German and international clients of distinction are among the satisfied customers of Wärmetechnischer Dienst.

The heat treatment specialists have been confronted with numerous heat engineering problems which required a high degree of experience and responsibility and which are still part of the wealth of experience of Wärmetechnischer Dienst today.

1974 Weldotherm

Weldotherm Wärmetechnischer Dienst was established for the first time.

1975 Weldotherm

As a department for carrying out heat treatment works in the company WELDOTHERM GmbH.

1995 Weldotherm

As an independent company but subsidiary of WELDOTHERM GmbH, WELDOTHERM Wärmetechnischer Dienst GmbH was founded.

2005 Weldotherm

Separation of WELDOTHERM Wärmetechnischer Dienst GmbH from the parent company and from now on operating completely self-sufficiently.


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