Mobile furnace

  • Easy to assemble on nearly any site
  • Variable sizes of furnace
  • Fast and easy mounting/dismounting
  • Efficient heat treatment

The mobile furnace-construction will be built on site, in any size which will be necessary for the heat treatment and according to the size of your annealing material. We use special highspeed gas burners which can achieve a maximum operating temperature of 1200 °C, fired with propane or natural gas. For temperature detection we use thermocouples 2x0,5mm², NiCr-Ni, 0,5 DIN, which will be tracked and documented by a Weldotherm-12-Point-Multicolour-Temperature-Recorder.

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  • Modular construction
  • Dimensions of single segments 2,3m x 2,3m
  • Variable sizes of furnace possible
  • Usage of efficient highspeed gas burners

Input gas pressure 0,2 - 4 bar

max performance consumption
Natural Gas 1000 kW 5 - 100 m³/h
Propane 800 kW 2 - 30 m³/h